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Tavistock Aphasia Software Finder

Apps and software programs in English for people with aphasia.

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Aphasia Apps List

Provides a person with aphasia with information about phone applications that can help them communicate – multilingual, some apps are free

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Multilingual Therapy Materials


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Aphasia Recovery Connection

  • Meet others with aphasia and their caregivers & families
  • Help new group friends stay in touch
  • Learn the latest information about aphasia
  • Help each other through difficult times

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National Aphasia Assocation

Online aphasia communities provide resources to Facebook support groups (Aphasia Recovery Connection), and blogs with stories of people with aphasia and their road to recovery (Aphasia Hope Foundation).

More on Aphasia

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Aphasia Access

Aphasia Access: Transforming services and environments so people with aphasia can participate more fully in life.

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Aphasia Institute

The first step in restoring confidence and improving coping skills for those affected by aphasia, showing clients and their families that it can be possible to live successfully with aphasia.